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We, at Cambridge Montessori Pre-school, have been buying materials from Roberta and Montessori Downunder for the past eight years; the quality and precision of her equipment, and her attention to detail, is second to none. As she is a Montessori teacher, she understands exactly what is required for classroom materials. We couldn't do without Montessori Downunder!
Theresa Kiff, Directress
Cambridge Montessori Pre-school, New ZealandMontessori


Downunder is an amazing resource!
Here is the one source for all the curriculum found in books like my World in the Palm of her Hand.
Tim Seldin, USA
Author of The World in the Palm of her Hand and others. President of the Montessori Foundation and Chair of the International Montessori Council.


Roberta's products are highly researched and beautifully created. Her attention to detail is excellent. The products from Montessori Downunder not only create a high level of student interest but they have proved wonderful springboards for student research and independent study.
Margaret Kroeger
Northside Montessori School, Sydney, Australia


Montessori Downunder has an ethic of thorough research and amazing finishing when making materials for the classroom. Roberta works with you to develop materials that are unique for projects / topics.
Montessori Downunder materials not only enhance the children's learning and development, they bring joy to all who discover them; be it the child, educator, parent.
Jude Gibson, Owner
Montessori for Children, Dunedin, New Zealand


The Montessori specialty programme at AUT University has utilized many of the supplementary materials created by Montessori Downunder. The students are always delighted to discover Roberta's treasures; enjoy working with them; and find them an inspiration for their own resource making. Roberta has worked closely with us to create specific materials to fit our teaching and learnin g requirements.
Nicky Chisnall, Acting Programme Leader Early Childhood Education
School of Education, AUT, Auckland, New Zealand


Montessori materials are wonderful tools and working with Roberta to develop these tools makes the process magical for teacher/facilitators as well as our beautiful tamariki (children)!
Alison Davis, Montessori facilitator, Dunedin, NZ


"thoughtfully conceived, carefully crafted materials... but the best part about working with Roberta is the working with.... she will create materials designed to your specific needs."
Pam Shand, Team Leader
Montessori Children's House, Blenheim, NZ


Since opening in 1998 Montessori Children’s House Wanaka has consistently sourced materials from ‘Montessori Downunder.’ Roberta’s commitment to quality is one of the reasons I return, the ability to make anything you happen to suggest on any subject is another and this is all delivered with boundless enthusiasm and friendship. In my experience I have found that if Roberta can’t source it no one can!
Anne-Marie Love, Head Teacher
Montessori Children’s House Wanaka, NZ


A real strength of Montessori Downunder is the personlised service and flexibility to respond to individual classroom needs. The teachers love the innovative activities that support the Montessori curriculum.
Liz Webster, Montessori Group Manager
Kidicorp Ltd , New Zealand


Roberta's materials play a key role in our classrooms. Over the years we have developed our Science and Culture areas so that we can offer our children the chance to engage deeply in the Cosmic curriculum.
Montessori Downunder has always provided interesting materials for the children, consistently working very hard to find things that suit our needs as a school and that suits the local environment.
Richard Goodyear, 9 - 12 teacher,
Montessori @ Berhampore School
Wellington ,NZ